taking advantage of a hood niggas situation

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Lemme fuck you up with some knowledge right quick


The ONLY reason white people really believe black pride is white hate, is simply because white pride IS MOST DEFINITELY black hate (along with all the other colors)

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Someone please sum up what I need to know for chemistry and algebra 2 and French 1 and world history

h2o, a2 + b2 = c2, oui oui baguette eiffel tower, obama 

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"oh my god, you’re seriously going to pay college kids $15 an hour to flip burgers? get a real job!"


a real job? you mean, like, an internship at the white house?


okay, well what about the national democratic party?


what about interning at the united nations?


wow damn it’s almost like our economy functions on stealing labour from hardworking young people, regardless of whether their jobs are “real” or not

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my friend did a psychology class in high school and came to my house and diagnosed my cat with depression 

explain to me how your friend “did” a psychology class

we have schools in australia 

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The face of no regrets.


The face of no regrets.

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Solidarity, on a global scale.

Guess what? I live in Springfield, Missouri, only two and a half hours away from Ferguson. The local news stopped reporting it over three weeks ago, yet it is still an issue, with global involvement, protests, solidatiry, and connection. Yet only 180 miles away, we’re made to believe that the whole thing is over. How fucked up is that? 

One thing that people do to dwindle the importance of events is to use the idea of time as a healer or things along those lines. When you argue about things such as slavery the first rebuttal people have is “That was a million/four hundred etc. years ago”

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